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Hearts Desire¿, Certified Ideal-Cut Diamonds

Each and every diamond in a Hearts Desire® ring, earring or necklace is independently certified to be Ideal-Cut. Each is crafted in 18K gold with the utmost attention to detail. All rings have a European shank for a more comfortable fit, and necklaces feature only 18K gold chains. Hearts Desire® engagement rings are designed to highlight your center diamond with a platinum head. This unique collection can only be found at Jared® the Galleria of Jewelry.

Drawings of an Ideal-Cut diamond, and diamonds that have been cut improperly for comparison.

Ideal-Cut Diamonds

Only a very small percentage of gem quality diamonds can be called "ideal-cut." To receive this grading, a diamond must be cut to ideal proportions. As a result, ideal-cut diamonds have tremendous brilliance, fire and scintillation.

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Your Assurance

Hearts Desire® diamonds have been independently certified through Gemological Science International (GSI). GSI is a scientific diamond grading laboratory that provides grading reports. GSI has applied their exacting standards for cut, polish and symmetry.

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